May 2012

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is that I actually accomplished a lot this past month! Instead of reading my monthly “goals” and cringing, I found myself saying “Oh, I actually DID that!”. It’s amazing how great it feels to officially mark something off the to-do list permanently!  Albums are being ordered and approved, I drank more water, I made a master grocery shopping list and we have stuck to the new budget pretty well. Now, there were somethings on my goals from last month that contradicted each other! Like: “Buy new teal vases for the kitchen” and “Stick to the budget”.  I’m really surprised no one called me out on that one!

I DID squeeze in a fun trip to see EMY last week and it may just be me but I think I’ve been better at keeping the dishes out of the sink! So many things were accomplished but one thing still remains….the Bridal Guide is still not finished.  This project is bigger than I thought! It’s kinda looming over me. Have you ever had those projects that just LOOM?? They are so annoying.  I hate things that LOOM.  Just go away already! The busier I become, the heavier it looms. However, while I used to let the looming bother me and steal my sense of accomplishment, I have gotten better at still feeling productive even when the BIG stuff isn’t 100% complete. That’s actually a goal for this month….”Don’t let undone projects steal my JOY!”.


As I look out at May, there is some fear AND a ton of exciting things to look forward to.  May is the month where the busyness starts. I have 4 weddings and several engagement sessions and my first round of coaching sessions! Whew! Here’s what I’m looking forward to:


I’m looking forward to:

– Emy’s GRADUATING!  I can’t believe her 4 years at Virginia Tech are OVER! AH! So we’ll be celebrating with her in a few weekends!

– Mandy and Josh are our sweet friends from college and their getting married in like 4 DAYS!! AH! I cannot WAIT for this wedding!

– Excited to start this new phase of COACHING…I think I’m really going to enjoy this!!

– The 4 weddings in May are going to be AWESOME!

– Michael and I are a part of a group of young couples who are all involved in Ministry and we get to meet up again at the end of the month for an afternoon in Charlottesville! I love that place!

– We’re taking Emy, Corey and Madison to see Brian Regan in a few weeks! … if you don’t know who he is, you should. He’s hilarious.


Some Personal Goals:

– Continue to drink more water

– Continue “Swallowing the big frog first”… this is a phrase we learned at leadership training in HIGH SCHOOL… it basically means, get the BIG stuff done FIRST… don’t put it off!

– Re-mulch the front yard

– Powerwash the side of the house that needs it most! (Michael this is really YOUR to-do list! …. We found out at last year’s mission trip that I’m not the best with power washers!)

– Order new prints for kitchen!


Some Business Goals:

– Continue to keep up with albums! I’m keeping Leather Craftsmen in business these days with all the fall album orders coming in!

– Continue to be aware of systems that WORK and don’t work. Sometimes I try to MAKE certain APPS or organizational tools work for me and they just don’t! A big pad of paper and a pen work well for me, I need to just accept that as cool as my iphone is, it may not work for EVERYTHING!


– Hammer out new recording processes for the new credit card system! Yes! I accept credit now and I’m PUMPED that I won’t be running to Bank of America two times a week any more!

– Expand the “Production Wall” so that I can record EVERY wedding that is booked, not just the 2012 weddings. (ps. I already did this… I just wanted to mark it off the list:)


** And lets be honest… that “self portrait” is really a “bokeh portrait” because I didn’t want to fix my hair today:)**



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