• The "Cottage" Girls

When the 5 of us girls moved into our house at the beginning of our sophomore yea, we were determined to come up with a name for our house that would stick!  We came up with several ideas but when someone mentioned being called “The Middle House”, we knew that was it. Our house is right between the IV guys house and the Younglife guys house and so this title was so fitting! The first time we heard someone outside the house refer to it by it’s new name, we squealed! We were starting something new and we loved it!


These girls are starting something new as well and it was so bittersweet to hear them talk about living together and how excited they are! I still don’t feel ready to leave my middle house girls but I know that time is coming…soon! We move out in 4 days….yea. It’s so sad! But that’s just the way it is. People graduate and move on and new houses are forming. “The Cottage” is going to be awesome for these 5 girls! I’m so excited for them to experience college life together!


This was the second session that I auctioned off as a fundraiser for our Newark Mission Trip and once again, it was such a  pleasure to hangout with another group of awesome ladies! Enjoy!

Gotta love Aroma’s Coffee shop!

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