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…we get to the wedding, the more I am realizing how much I have to learn.  There is a huge wave of “NEW” coming straight toward me and I’m trying to be ready for it. I will have a new name, a new home, a new role, a new bed, a new husband and a whole lot of new responsibilities….. like cooking.  Today, after a long day of errands and an afternoon filled full of homeowner responsibilites, Michael and I decided to go to dinner.  We love going new places, trying new things (well I do at least, Michael will stick to his bacon cheeseburger). While this seems fine…. it’s actually a really bad habit that we have.

We LOVE eating out and we’ll use ANY excuse possible to get me out of the kitchen! Today the excuse was “oh, we picked out paint samples…so…. lets go out to eat to celebrate!”   This will definitely become a problem when we’re married and our kitchen table goes unused! (Our table is from Ikea that we LOVE itttttt, it expands and seats 10, cute, modern, CHEAP…great starter table!… I’m stopping now)  ANYWAY, after we’re married, I want to embrace the fact that we have a cute little kitchen and I want to actually USE it! My cooking skills have NEVER been the greatest (that was my sister’s area of expertise!).  However, I improved slightly during my senior year of college and now I just have to bite the bullet and jump in with both feet! When we get back from the honeymoon and life FINALLY settles down…. this is one of my goals… TO COOK! I want to try something new and start eating in our HOME! Imagine that!!!


So since 10.10.10 is only 12 days away (Oh MY GOSH!)….. I need to start collecting some recipes!!!! And I want your help!  If you have an AWESOME recipe and you think we’ll like it……let us know! We’ll take all the help we can get! AND! If your recipe just happens to be one of our favorites, you could win an itunes giftcard! woohoo!!! So if a simple, easy, self-explanatory recipe just came to mind, help a sista’ out and shoot me an email!!


You guys are the BEST and I one day when I cook an AMAZING meal in our cute little kitchen… I’m going to have YOU to thank!!! Send em’ in! Ps. those pancakes…. I made them… no big deal!

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