• My First Bridal Shower!

I can’t begin to explain how amazing my friends and family are to me.  They bless me in so many ways and last Wednesday they really went above and beyond what I ever expected from a bridal shower. My mom, sister, Jessie (bridesmaid!) and Rosemary Trible threw me my first bridal shower EVER and it was FABULOUS! Rosemary, who you might remember from last spring, is the first lady of CNU! Being that she is the President’s wife, she has a million things to do and not enough time to do them! That is why I am so incredibly thankful that she took time out of her busy schedule to host my shower! Ever since I stepped foot onto CNU’s Campus, Rosemary has loved me so deeply and the amazing thing is that she loves EVERYONE this way. She is a remarkable woman with an incredible story of hope and restored joy. I had the privilege of helping her a little bit with her book design so check out her website!


Obviously the house is gorgeous and I was so honored to have the shower there but I was really blown away with the details! Peacock feathers everywhere!! Even a crazy fun peacock headband! Amy and Happy, CNU event coordinators, thought of everything! The best part was that they were all wearing TEAL! Happy day! I couldn’t have been more excited! Thank you Momma, Emy and Jess for organizing everything and making sure everyone had a good time! You’re all too wonderful to me! THANK YOU! And thank you Jessie, Jill, and Steph for snapping a few shots for me!!! Amy, Happy and Rosemary, you are too sweet to me and I appreciate you all!! Thank you!


How fun is that crazy headpiece?!

I love me some Crate and Barrel!

Really? This is ridiculously beautiful!

Steph’s amazing strawberry shot:)

I snuck away and grabbed these couple of detail shots, I couldn’t help it!!

Look at poor Bella:( She’s still got a lot of puppy left in her and so she had to stay in her little room while the guests were there. That’s her sad face.

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