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This post has been in the works for two weeks now. I have to admit that the last three weeks haven’t been what we had hoped. Not only am I eight months pregnant, I’m also learning how to type without my right index finger, because I have some crazy medical stuff going on! However! I’m learning how to get stuff done despite my slower typing, and I FINALLY get to share my favorite images of 2016!! This has been an amazing year. It was a special year for us because starting with the last wedding in May I was pregnant for the rest of the entire shooting season!

I have always worried about how being pregnant would affect my shooting ability and I’m happy to announce that it didn’t slow us down at all! From May until mid-August, our couples didn’t even know we were pregnant! My mild nausea disappeared every time I started a wedding day. Adrenaline is a very REAL thing, and I’m thankful for it! We announced that we were pregnant around August 15th, and our Fall brides were so sweet and gracious to us! I had to sit down a little bit during a 12 hour wedding day in late October, but that was the only time that my baby bump got in the way!!

Every year I love sharing images that aren’t just the “Best of 2016” but are also images that make me fall in love with my job all over again! This is REALLY important to me. Think about it… I’ve been doing this for over 8 years… non-stop! It would be easy to grow tired and weary of shooting weddings. Challenging myself and getting excited about wedding photos, after close to a decade of shooting, can sometimes be hard to do. Every year I look through the images that I captured and I hand pick the ones that make me want to go shoot again!!! Here are some of those images from 2016! I have 596 favorites from 2016…. Oh my gosh! But I’m picking the BEST of the BEST to share on this post today!!! Enjoy the “Best of 2016”!!!!

xoxo, Katelyn
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