The Beale Family

  • The Beale Family

I’m rushed for time but I REALLY wanted to get this on the blog this morning before I go out of town! All I really need to say to paint a picture of how close I am to this family is that we still tell people that we are cousins!! haha I have grown up with this crew and what a wild bunch we are when we get together! I just love them and I was so excited to get to walk around Grandma Beale’s farm last Saturday to do a session with them!  Happy early Mother’s Day momma Jan!!!


Please enjoy a “few” of my favorites!  I was feeling really guilty about blogging so many images recently and then I realized, there is NO such thing as blogging rules! I can post as many as I want!!! haha So I think this is a another 30+ post! yay!

I forgot to tell you that we added a few extras into the mix! Lena and Justin are just as much a part of this family! When you have 5, whats 2 more?!

Sorry, I’m a little partial to couples…. there are a lot of couple pics!!

Katie, I love your laugh! Don’t hate me for posting this!! I love it!!

Leave it up to my boyfriend to go exploring through a old barn and find a “pony” sign. haha I love him.

The “Beale Band”.. it totally looks like an album cover!

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