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house post gave you a quick view of the FRONT of our new house… now it’s time for a view of the BACK! Honestly, I think I like the back better than the front!! …. I’m actually dead serious. As much as I love the stone… the back shows off the whole reason we picked this floor plan…. LIGHT! And LOTS of it!! As a photographer, I love LIGHT and little Cape Cods really don’t have much light to offer. So when we stepped foot into the model and saw the amount of windows that came STANDARD with this floor plan, we were in LOVE!! For those that have built a home in a subdivision, you know how annoying all of those “upgrades” can be.


We’ve had our share of miscommunication about upgrades but the entire backside of the house  (except the bay window on the side) came standard….. meaning that we didn’t have to pay extra for all of those windows that give it such a “Custom” look. Pretty awesome right?! Of course we’ve had some issues… like all home builders experience… but overall, we are really impressed with our builder. Eagle construction won the “Builder of the Year” award a few months ago and to be honest, after searching through multiple floor plans from other builders, we can see why. The other homes we walked through before finding Eagle just didn’t compare. The price, the quality and the staff at Eagle far exceeded other builders in the area… maybe that’s why the demand for our subdivision is out of control! They are building 25+ homes currently and the starting prices have already increased multiple times! YAY for increased property value!!!

So here’s a glimpse of the our little backyard… it’s big enough for a volleyball net… which was Michael’s main concern! :) We aren’t great lawn care people and so we’re really ok with not having acres of land to take care of! Now the only issue is…. how are we going to wash those windows? I have no clue!! We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it! :)

There will most definitely be more home updates as we continue to move forward but let me be honest, you may not see another house post until we’re moved in! It’s going to be a CRAZY couple of weeks leading up to the closing date!! Whew! Michael has already started packing!!

Enjoy your weekend friends!!

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