And a whole lot of food!

  • A Day of Thanksgiving

Yay for eating way too much food, being with family, and getting to hangout in the mountains! This year Michael and I decided to spend the Thanksgiving holiday in the beautiful mountains of Charleston, WV! Michael’s Aunt Susan and Uncle Ed’s house has been an infamous location in the Alsop family for years! Michael and I came to visit several times during high school and we were so excited to come back! Michael’s family has felt like my family since BEFORE we started dating (8 years ago!!!).  However, it had been fun being here and being a REAL Alsop for the first time! I love it! Today we did a whole lot of nothing and it was wonderful.


Our afternoon consisted of eating amazing food, watching youtube videos and taking some fun senior pictures for Michael’s cousin Will!  Today was a good day and I am so thankful for my new family, my new husband and my incredible family back home in Virginia! God is so so good to me and I don’t deserve it! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoy being with your families and friends! I love holidays!!! xoxo


Checkout Susan’s beautiful Thanksgiving plates!!

Little sneak peek of Will’s senior pictures! Michael has some cute cousins:)

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