3 Thanksgivings in 3 Days!

  • Thanksgiving 2015

We’ve always heard that getting older means that holidays get trickier! More families, more traditions, more traveling. I think THIS YEAR is the first time we’ve REALLY seen that happen to us! Michael and I flew to Florida last Sunday with Michael’s grandma to meet his family in Sarasota! We stayed there for 2.5 days and then we left Sarasota at 3:30 am to be home to Sparta, VA before 10 am to spend the day with my family before my sister and her husband Joe had to leave to be at his family’s Thanksgiving extravaganza Thursday at 12 pm in PA. Then…..

My family and Michael headed to VA Beach to eat our THIRD Thanksgiving meal with the Duvall family. The Duvall’s and the James’s go way back! Daddy and Greg were best friends in their teen and college years. They grew up together and have remained really close. We love their family and our little brother is actually dating Greg and Donna’s daughter, Morgan. THIS MAY CONFUSE SOME OF YOU BECAUSE SHE’S A REDHEAD…. and we literally look like we’re related! ha! So we spent the last two years celebrating Thanksgiving with them too!! …..But our adventure doesn’t end there….

We worked our butts off all day on Black Friday at home and then we drove up to New Jersey on Saturday to spend some time with our best friends Buddy and Jill and their family! Then we spent close to 48 hours in NYC together and it was just the best!!!!

I wouldn’t want to spend my holiday any other way. We realize that one day we won’t be able to live in the car… one day we won’t be able to just go and hang out in NYC with our best friends whenever we want… we won’t have the freedom of going, going, going and so we’re learning to really appreciate this season of life!!

Enjoy some of our memories from this Thanksgiving!!! Lets start with Florida and a few fluffballs! This little gal is “Mocha”, Michael’s aunt’s new pup! Aunt Susan and Uncle Ed live in Sarasota and I just love the view of their backyard!

Michael’s mom with their bichpoo, Molly!

Here are some portraits of Michael’s family!

Michael’s aunt Susan took these for us!!

I love this picture of Sarah, Michael’s sister! She has the prettiest smile!

The three kids.. and Molly! :)

haha! I  love that of Bobbi!

Well, I think it’s safe to say we’re “little dog” people these days! Bokeh didn’t get to travel to Florida. :( But these are his “cousins’! Kinsey, Precious, Molly & Mocha!

We ended our time in Florida with a little campfire!

Now we’re moving on to MY family’s Thanksgiving in VA! This is Daddy and Corey in their happy place… the barn. :)

Corey took Morgan on her first 4-Wheeler ride ever!!

And then it was her turn!!!!

Corey wasn’t worried at all!

Our little guy! Sweet Bokeh Boy!! He loves having space to run at Grandma’s!

The big family picture! I think we’re a good looking crew!

Couple #1

Couple #2

Couple #3 (Emy and I wore matching cardigans… haha woops!)

Couple #4!

Everyone got a portrait with the big trees!

My sister took this of us!!


The kids….We’re so disappointed with Bokeh’s posing! haha

The boys of the family!

I think we all look related!! :) It’s the hair!

Momma and her girls!

My favorite!

Now to VA beach! Look how pretty Greg and Perrin’s table turned out!


Love this sweet family!

These guys have been friends for a long long time!

Poor Perrin, I made her model for me! :) That’s just what you have to do when my camera is out and you look cute!!!

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xoxo, Katelyn
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