• Thanksgiving 2013

around out kitchen table that was fully extended… all 13 of us! We sat and ate way too much home cooked food and it was delicious. The table was a little toasty because I had way to many decorative candles on display but it was beautiful and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Thanksgiving. This was our first Thanksgiving in our new home and both of our families came to us this year!! What a treat!! Not only did they come for dinner but my whole family spent the night last night! It was a James family sleepover and I loved it. We did Thanksgiving a day early so that Emily and Joe could drive to PA to see his family for their big celebration today.

As we finished eating and we were about to migrate to the living room, Momma started the tear-fest. She started sharing what she was thankful for and then before we knew it, Emy and I were in tears…. we’re such girls. The truth is, I wish we vocalized what we were thankful for more often because there is so much in life that we take for granted. I shared that I’m so thankful for a family that really, truly enjoys being together. If I have a free weekend, besides getting away with my husband, I would definitely choose to spend it with my family. They mean so much to me and I’m so grateful for our time together this year!!!! Here are a few pictures of both of my families! :) And let it be known that I did NOT plan all of the teal! I PROMISE! It just happened! I’m dead serious! 

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