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ago I received an email from UPS saying that a package had been delivered. I don’t know about you but whenever I know a package is waiting at home… I get anxious! It’s not even like this was a surprise! I knew exactly what this package was! It was from Leather Craftsmen!! These packages are always fun because there is nothing quite like seeing you finished work in album form! Albums are like the finishing touch that wrap up all of my hard work and so I LOVE when they come in! This round was Colleen and John’s wedding album and Hunter and Becca’s engagement album! They turned out wonderfully!!! So since I’m in the “album mood”, I thought it may be nice


to get OTHERS in the album mood as well! I have blogged before that I use PhotoJunction to design my albums. While I don’t always stick to templates, I always START with them. I’m honored to be an affiliate for Templates for Photographers, a site for photographers to purchase templates specifically used in PhotoJunction!! So! If you’re a PJ user and you’ve been eyeing these templates, here’s your chance to take some home!! To enter:


– Leave a comment about why these templates would CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!! (dramatic much? haha)

– And “Like” the T4P fanpage and mention them in a comment! for example: “I can’t WAIT to win a free set of templates from Templates for Photographers!!”.


I’ll announce the winner on Friday!!! Goodluck!!! Happy designing!

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