• Taking a Break

I’ve heard it said before that taking a break from work will actually make you desire to work MORE. When I’m in really dry, burnout mode, I tend to think that saying is just a bunch of fluff…. but I have actually found it to be true. Michael and I had 3 Saturdays off in a row this summer and it was life changing! …. I’m serious. It was SO needed! I still shot engagements and worked during the week but just having some weekends free changed everything. We have decided that breaks are necessary for us and we’ll be saving a few 2014 weekends for US. I have a bad habit of over committing. I say yes to so many people because I find so much joy in making people happy. Well, the result of this character trait is that I grow resentful.

I say “Yes” to everything and then when it comes time to do those things, I become Negative Nancy because I just want to have a night at home!! Then I shoot or sing or meet up with someone and I’m reminded of why I said yes in the first place. I say “Yes” because I love people…. but when there are too many commitments in my life, it’s easy for me to become overwhelmed and unhappy and stretched too thin.

There have been some days recently when I have made the choice to leave my office cluttered, leave an email unanswered, leave a post unpublished and just enjoy PEOPLE. Today was one of those days. I met up with a sweet friend this morning and then my plan was to rush home to get a blog post up and then my mom called. She was in Richmond for a doctors appointment and wanted to stop by for lunch…. and see Bokeh. :) So instead of frantically posting and returning emails in the 15 minutes before she got here, I just let it go…. and I’m really glad I did…. because sometimes it’s better to enjoy life and the people around you instead of getting a timely, well crafted blog post up. I’m a HUGE advocate for consistent blogging…. it’s how I grew my WHOLE business… but the world isn’t going to end if I skip a day every now and then, right? Right. So today’s post isn’t flashy or full of pretty images…gosh it doesn’t even have a HEADER image! Gasp!! It’s just a post to remind myself that when days like this happen again in the future, it’s ok to drop the to-do list and let people take priority. People are more important than pictures!! :) Someone send this post to me when I’m in freak out mode, Ok? Ok.

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