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something SWEET?!!  As some of you know, I will be hosting a workshop tomorrow and 18 amazing photographer’s are going to join me for a SUGARY SHOOT at the Sweet Spot candy shop in West Broad Village!  I’m beyond thrilled!! My office looks like an explosion of orange and teal and I can’t wait to see how it all comes together! The fabulous Janie Medley is providing our florals and the talented ladies at the Sweet Spot are designing a custom made candy bar for the shoot! Remember me talking about candy bars and how AWESOME they are at weddings?! Well if you’re a bride and have never seen one in person…

or maybe just want something pretty to look at… you can come see our display tomorrow anytime after one!  The Sweet Spot will be opening at one tomorrow and everyone is welcome to come and see our centerpieces and the candy bar display! What better way to get wedding inspiration?!! Oh and it gets better!! The Sweet Spot offers Custom Candy bars that are designed specifically for YOUR wedding! What a DREAM!!! If you have any interest at all in maybe using a candy bar at your wedding… you HAVE to come check this out tomorrow!! …. I’m serious.  The store is open to the public anytime after one!! Enjoy and here’s a little sneak peek of tomorrow!!

For more information about the Sweet Spot, click HERE!


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