Summer Senior Shoots

  • Emily, Alex & Andy, & Annie

know that I’m not a portrait photographer but I do senior portraits for seniors within our youth group at church. This summer I’ve really had to cut back because of our wedding schedule but I took one day out of our schedule in August to accomplish three shoots that I had promised to do for a long time. The thing is, I love these little shoots! It’s fun for me to spend time with these awesome seniors, I just wish I had more time for them. Anyway, I’m glad I had a chance to do these 3 shoots last month and I’m excited to share a few favorites from each one!


Let me introduce you to Emily! Emily isn’t from Richmond but she is a photographer from Harrisonburg and she sent me the sweetest email about her portraits. She was willing to make the trek from the valley for her downtown session and I absolutely loved getting to know her! The more I learned about her, the more I admired all that she’s doing. She just graduated early and is already running a business…. as a TEENAGER!! That’s just incredible and I’m so excited that I can now call her a friend! Enjoy some of my favorites of this sweet girl! 


Now you get to meet Alex and Andy! These boys have been a part of our lives since we first moved to Richmond! We came to our church when they were freshman and I can’t believe it’s time for them to enter their senior year! That just baffles me! These two have been close to Michael for a long time we adore their family. Their sweet mom has helped us so much over the years and we are so thankful for such dear friends. They recently moved to an awesome location in the Church Hill area of Richmond and as much as I loved taking pictures of the boys, I really loved getting to see their new place!!! Alex and Andy are so different and yet so similar in so many ways. I’m just thankful I can FINALLY tell them a part…. it only took me three years!! :) Enjoy a few of my favorites! 


Love this of Andy!

Alex you look so OLD! When did this happen?!!

Photo bomb.

AK had to join in for one sibling shot:)


Ok and last but certainly not least, meet Annie!! Isn’t she gorgeous? Like the Vath’s, we’ve known Annie since she was starting high school. That’s so hard to believe but when I look at some of the first pictures I took at youth group events, these kids look SO much younger than they do today! It’s crazy!!! Annie is a sweetheart and I absolutely loved our sunrise shoot that we made happen one morning back in August! It was the perfect day for her portraits and I loved getting to spend some time with her because the craziness of senior year began!!! Enjoy some of my favorites!!

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