Spring Break

  • Spring Break

There will be a lack of posting this coming week (Sigh of sadness). But! It’s for a good reason!  I am leaving tomorrow to head to Brandon and Chrissy’s wedding where I’ll be photographing and singing. (I’m so excited for them!) Then I leave straight from the reception to join a group of friends from CNU who will be spending their spring break in Newark, NJ.  If you are familiar with Newark you will know that it is one of the dirtiest cities in the nation and is not one of the “Top ten spring break getaway” choices.

However, Newark is full of hurting kids that need to know that the Lord loves and cares about them so we’re going to love on them for a week! I’m so excited! So when you would normally be checking the blog, shoot up a little prayer for all the little people we’ll be interacting with this week! Thanks for checking in!

This is a pic from our trip last year!

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