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You may remember our Wedding Collective Giveaway that we launched two months ago. It was an exciting time and we were blown away by the incredible response and support from all areas of the wedding industry. Southern Weddings didn’t think twice about being involved and their support means the world to us. These women work day in and day out to create resources for brides and we were THRILLED when they offered to gift one of their incredible “Southern Weddings” planners to our winning couple!

This planner is so much more than just an organizational tool. It could easily be called a “Marriage Planner”! The vision behind this resource wasn’t just to help brides plan a beautiful wedding, it was inspired by the idea that our marriages matter more than the wedding day. Sure, gorgeous decor and stunning florals are amazing and they do matter…. but ultimately, a couple’s marriage is what remains after the florals are gone and the decor is taken down. Well, that’s not totally true… they still have their images too!!! :) But really, in the grand scheme of things, the wedding industry is focused on the WEDDING… but few are focused on the MARRIAGE and that’s why I love the SW gals so much.

This planner is not only beautiful, it’s USABLE. It’s chock-full of advice, planning tools and  inspiration…. and the part I love is that it’s GORGEOUS! I don’t know about you but when I’m trying to get organized, I am more motivated when my organizational system is PRETTY! :) Here are my FAVORITE sections of the SW Planner! :

  • Brainstorming worksheet : As a bride, I was swamped with SO many ideas of what I wanted.. TOO many ideas of what I wanted! It was hard to decipher what I really loved versus what was trending! I wish I had this worksheet to help me hone in my vision!
  • Budget Priorities Worksheet: This is huge! You have to start with your big vendors first and then work down from there. For us, Photography was #1! This worksheet will help you figure out where you want to invest the most!
  • Bridesmaid Tracker: Why didn’t I THINK OF THIS?! Trying to remember how many of my girls had been fitted, had shoes and had ordered their dresses was a struggle!! This is genius!
  • The whole Marriage Planning section! This area of the planner is full of activities to do together as an engaged couple to help brides not become consumed with the planning process. This section brings the focus back to the couple and their relationship!!

I’m so excited for our bride and giveaway winner Laura to use this as she continues to plan her wedding!!! Thank you SO much to Southern Weddings for believing in us, our giveaway and our amazing couple!!! Congratulations again to Alex and Laura! We are so excited to celebrate with you in September!!!

View more info about the SW Planner HERE! 

xoxo, Katelyn
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