June 2013

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JUNE!!! Is that not weird for anyone else!? WOW! May was such a fast month! We shot several weddings, traveled, moved and closed on our new house… it was a whirlwind for sure! We just got home yesterday from a lovely wedding in PA and I’m not flying out again until July! I’m really looking forward to being HOME… in our NEW home! I remember when my parent’s built their house when I was in middle school and after we moved in, I never wanted to leave! Everything about it was so exciting and NEW that I didn’t want to go anywhere else!

Well that’s how I feel about our new house! Youth group gals have texted to meet up this week and instead of going to Starbucks, I want them to bring Starbucks to me because I just want to be a homebody right now!! I’m hoping this is normal! :) I’m sure I’ll write more about this later but when you build a house, it’s kind of an emotional process!  We have pictures on our lot with NOTHING there but DIRT and now we’re living in a house that we custom designed!! Don’t laugh but it feels like we’ve watched this house “grow up”! …. and we have! So much of our lives have been invested into this massive project the last 6 months and now we can FINALLY enjoy it!! So that leads me into this month’s goals:

Personal Goals:

1. To stay home some! I want to enjoy being in our new space and have the time I need to make it our own!

2. Decorating, duh! We’re hosting a “Coaching Reunion” for all of our past Coaching friends from this year and I want the house to be ready! But lets be honest, 3 weeks after moving in, it’s not going to be perfect. However, we’ve made GREAT progress already!!

3.  Take one room at a time and get organized! Our sweet mommas organized our kitchen and so that’s a big room that’s already done! The bathrooms and laundry rooms need some work though! :)

4. We have a week to get the little house ready for renters!! Must. Start. Cleaning!!

Business Goals:

1. To shoot our beautiful June weddings well!!

2. To make final edits on Bridal Guide!

3. Coaching Reunion and a little special project associated with it!

4. Announce some fall coaching dates!


We’re looking forward to….

1. Being HOME!

2. Getting our new mattress in!! It can’t come soon enough!

3. Having friends over to the new place!!

4. Getting the TV installed! I know that seems like such a “Guy” thing but I’m excited about it because I don’t like having this big black box in the middle of the living room! :)

5. Graduations! My small group gals are graduating soon! Crazy!!! Hannah, Amber, Tori, Bailey, Julia and Alia, I love you girls!


Thanks Amanda Hedgepeth for the pic!!




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