August 2013

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We have two weekends off!! It may sound like nothing but to us, it’s AH-MAZING!!! We just didn’t book for these weekends and that means we get to go on vacation with my family to Florida and take a much needed rest! We have been going non-stop since April and so this break is so needed. I’m going to do a post after vacation about how rest actually makes you desire to WORK. It’s true! But if you never rest, you never renew and refresh and you enter burnout mode. So while I am grateful for this break, my August and fall brides are really the ones who are going to benefit from it the MOST!

I’m going to be shooting their weddings 100% refreshed. It’s hard to shoot every weekend and I really don’t think it’s healthy to go non-stop throughout the whole season. Michael and I are already trying to block some time off like this for 2014!!

So July was a whirlwind! I’ve been editing almost all of my weddings on my own this season and that has definitely been a challenge… but God is good.  We have accomplished SO much this past month and I’m so thankful. Our house already feels like home and despite our crazy schedule, I have had time to decorate and I get so much joy out of that!!! I just wish it wasn’t so expensive!!! :)

So this snapshot post is going to look a little different than normal. I want to do a little section about what I’m thankful for from July. A have a friend who journaled everything and just listed everything, big or small, that she was grateful for and it changed her life! So I want to implement some thankfulness into my monthly snapshots!

So in July 2013, I’m thankful for….

– Air Conditioning! This new house has one powerful AC system and the whole house is super air tight. It’s an energy efficient home and while I didn’t really care about that when we were building the house, I REALLY appreciate it now! Our electricity bill was only $30 higher than our old house and yet we doubled the square footage (And I have SO many more lamps!). Crazy right?! Really thankful for that!

– Speaking of Air Conditioning, our little house that we’re renting has been having some serious AC issues and how home warranty company FINALLY let us know that instead of band-aiding the issue, they are buying us a new unit! So thankful we don’t have to spend $4000 on a new system!!!!

– A successful, safe trip to Chicago by myself. I don’t like traveling without Michael because he’s so good at all the logistics and I like not having to think about anything. haha But I made it through that trip on my own and had a wonderful time!

– New bookings. We’re booking for 2014 and we’re SO thankful for the amazing couples that we will be working with!

– I’m thankful for a husband that has patience with me, listens to me and works through things with me.

– I’m thankful for a mom that can fix horrendous grooming errors. Michael and I tried to groom Bokeh ourselves and it ended in disaster.  Bokeh looked like a sheep halfway through the sheering process. Momma spent hours fixing our whoopsie and I’m so thankful for her.

– Our front porch. My brother helped Michael install fans on the front porch and we LOVE sitting out there, especially in the mornings!

– I’m thankful that I accomplished a pretty good portion of my July goals!

Now for some August Goals:

– Only respond to the emergency emails on Vacation.

– Pre-blog before we leave on Sunday… yikes!

– Get the house ready for two large cookouts happening this weekend!! YAY!

– Be more encouraging

– More cycling classes…. we’re slowly getting back into our routine.

– Order prints for our MANY empty frames!!

– Shoot my 3 August weddings well!!!

– Find a little white table for the front porch.

Ok and can I be honest, I did ok for a while with the “Self Portraits” for snapshot posts but it’s tough! I really love when other photogs share some of their life via instagram pics and so that’s what I’m trying this month!! :) Here’s a peek of our life in July!

Bokeh Boy! 

Big Yellow came into our lives! Love daddy’s new boat!

Chicago trip!

Relaxin at home with friends…

Lots of home improvements in July! AND new bikes!

Boat day!


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