Slowing Down

  • Slowing Down

Well friends, the 2009 Wedding schedule for Inspired designs finished 2 weeks ago, as well as portraits. I’m done….for a while! and I’m trying to get better at this “no work” thing. You know, I’m practicing not waking up and immediately responding to emails, having multiple days in a row that don’t include opening photoshop, and staying AWAY from post it notes! The to-do lists can start to attach themselves to you and you can’t get away, literally!

The idea of “resting” is something I just don’t do very well. It must be a common problem for those who love what they do. A fellow young photographer Jamie Delaine just posted about her struggle to disengage work and just rest. It’s hard, really hard! So, I encourage all of you to take a step back and just STOP. Stop work and do NOTHING. It’s hard, but you can do it!  I am proud to announce that I haven’t edited anything in almost 3 days! That’s right! 3 days! I might not sound like a huge accomplishment, but it is! Oh it is for me! Christmas is coming and we have shopping to do and friends to see and family to hangout with and my goal is to do just that… and do it well.

The 16 inches of snow has really helped the slowing down process! When it snows like this, EVERYTHING shuts down! Which means everybody is home! So the last few days have been full of momma’s homemade soup, daddy pulling our cars and wheelers out of the snow and Beale snow parties! yay for being home!! And because everything is better with a picture, here is our pretty front porch right after the snow!

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