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an exciting day on the blog!! Well, I think everyday is an exciting day on the blog but lets be honest, some posts are just better than others! Today’s post definitely fits into the “awesome” category because we’re hosting a GIVEAWAY!!! YAY! So when I first started my business in 2008, I immediately signed up with this new website company called “‘Showit”. Basically, you could make you own websites without ever needing to know CODE! This was perfect for me because I never made it to the “coding” part of my graphic design training. :)

So with Showit, you could create a custom website and they would include some templates to get you started. A few years went by and it was painfully obvious that most photographers are NOT designers and so they needed a little help!! Introducing designer STYLEGROUPS! My sweet friend Promise Tangeman is a super talented designer and she actually created a whole company around these designer stylegroups! SITEHOUSE is simply amazing! If you have a Showit site, you can purchase a designer stylegroup from SITEHOUSE and customize it however you want!! It’s PERFECT for photographers that don’t want to spend $4,000 on a website overhaul and who don’t have an eye for design! These designs are sleek and incredibly professional! Every time Promise announces a new collection, I feel the need to make a new site!! I’m compulsive, I know. I just love her work and really everything about her. She’s so wonderful and I’m so thankful that we’ve gotten to know each other better over the last couple of years!!

Promise has an incredible mind AND heart! She is a fabulous business woman and she loves helping people enhance their online presence!! This week she has launched something that she has never tried before! She collaborated with OTHER DESIGNERS to create the LUXE COLLECTION and it’s amazing!! I just love it! So if you’re a Showit user or are seriously considering giving Showit a try, you definitely want to enter today’s giveaway!!

Sitehouse is giving away ONE FREE DESIGN and that’s a $449 value!! Woohoo! All you have to do is enter to win in the signup box below!! The winner will be selected randomly and will be notified on Thursday February 27th! 

Here are some important facts about the giveaway and SITEHOUSE designs! :

– The winner will be allowed to pick from any collection. 

– These designs are only compatible with Showit :)

– Most of the designs come with alternate gallery options (because everyone likes to display their galleries in different ways!)

– All the designs come with a +site (client site)

– All the designs are COMPLETELY customizable through the Showit software. Here is a live example of how easy it is to customize a design:

– Promise also hosts something called “GO LIVE Workshops” where you actually BUILD your website and LAUNCH it!! In 2 days flat!! So, if the winner so desired, he/she could apply a $350 credit towards the March GO LIVE workshop (the design is included in the workshop fee).

Here’s a super quick video to give you a feel for one of the new LUXE designs!! Love this!! :


UNION: SiteHouse Spring 2014 Designer Luxe Collection from PROMISE TANGEMAN on Vimeo.

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