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They can get along and be the best of friends or they can be each others biggest enemy! I know for my sister and I, we went through the “enemy” phase in Middle school.  We couldn’t stand each other. She would scream, I would grab her arm with my nails and say “SHHHH… If you cry to momma we’ll BOTH get in trouble for fighting!”.  We had that type of relationship. However, believe it or not, we grew out of that phase when we entered high school.  We would still have our moments of driving each other crazy, but for the most part, Emy and I slowly became really amazing friends. Now that we’re grown up and have moved on to college/married life….

I am happy to say that I consider Emy one of my BEST friends…. in the WHOLE WORLD.  We have come a LONG way since the arm squeezing, nail digging phase of our lives. That “phase” actually made it into my sister’s Maid of Honor speech at our wedding and it was quite hilarious.  ANYWAY! All of this to say… I love having a sister and I’m so thankful for her.


During my session with the BEAUTIFUL Johnson girls I was reminded of how much I love Emy. I’m so thankful I have someone to share clothes with, someone to keep my secrets and someone to tell me when my makeup looks bad. Sisters are a gift and the Johnson girls are proof of that! They love each other! I could have photographed Amanda SQUEEZING Sarah and laughing all day! They are such a beautiful example of the joy that comes from sharing life with a sister. Amanda, Sarah and their parents are members of our new church family here in Richmond and so it was such an honor to photograph a part of their family! I could go on and on about how much I love these girls and how much I’m going to HATE seeing Amanda graduate and head to college next fall… but thank goodness I get to be with Sarah for a long while!! These two were such a joy to work with and I can’t wait to show you some favorites!! Enjoy!!

Sarah, you’re beautiful, simply beautiful!

Loved watching them try to do the model face… and then bursting with laughter! Hey, the model face is HARD!

So gorgeous Amanda!

Their session was shot on University of Richmond’s campus where their parents both graduated from!


Ohhh I love this next set!

Look at that TREE!

LOVE it Sarah!!!!

Amanda the model face is killer!

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