August 2012

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me all the time “Who did your website!?” and the answer is always so complicated. If you’re talking about the Blog, Flosites designed it and they did a magnificent job. I loved working with them and I’m STILL working with them! If you’re talking about my Website, I designed it through Showit! The thing about Showit is that it’s not just a web design platform, it’s a community! Now, do I pay $39 a month to have friends? No, the community of Showit is just an added bonus and I really cherish these relationships! We recently had a Share Group meetup in Downtown the other night. It’s hard to get together in the middle of CRAZY season

but a few of us showed up to shoot the oh so lovely Tori Watson from Marvelous Things Photography. She’s just gorgeous and if I had curly hair, I would want it to be JUST LIKE HERS!! So enjoy a few from our night on the town!!

Oh Tori please!! It’s not fair for one girl to be so photogenic!

Oh and look who graced us with his presence!

Bahahaha! A GREAT model never loses her pose until she’s told… Tori… you crack me up!!

Love them:)


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