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Why is it that the girls that always complain about not having anything to wear, really have the BIGGEST wardrobe?! I’m guilty of that. I hoard clothes. I just can’t give them up.  I seriously have sweaters from HIGH SCHOOL in my closet at COLLEGE.  The worst part is that I NEVER wear them!!  I just keep them because I’m attached to them and then I complain that I have “absolutely NOTHING to wear!”.  My mother has tried for years to get me to clean out my closet but I just can’t make myself do it.


However, I’ll tell you what I could stand to throw out. SHOES. I have a plethora of shoes but almost ALL of them are falling apart. I’m so hard on them.  I was looking for shoes to wear to church tomorrow and honestly, I couldn’t find one decent pair of heels! Some have huge scratches down the side, some are so worn that there are almost holes in the soles and some are just plain ugly. I definitely DO NOT have an attachment issue to my shoes.  I have BIG feet. Like size 10 and 11! Yea, that big! They’re huge and so I never feel motivated to shop for shoes because the cute shoes in the display are not so cute when you double the size of them! This is sad, but the other day, Michael was picking me up to go somewhere and I caught him looking at my shoes and just shaking his head. Even my flipflops are falling apart!


I need new shoes. Plain and simple. I need to just suck it up and go shopping. The issue is that whenever I go shopping for shoes, I come home with cardigans and jewelry.  It’s a disorder, I’m sure. Anyway, not that you needed to hear all about my inability to shop for shoes… I really just wanted to show you a sneak peek of whats coming soon… and then I got carried away! Get excited!

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