• Shockhoe Bottom Richmond Engagement Pictures

Well where do I start with this one?! This shoot is so special to me. When my sister Emily was in college, I made SEVERAL trips to visit her. She’s a Hokie and so it was quite a commitment to travel to Tech from my college in the Newport News area. (For those that have NO idea about Virginia’s layout, this is about a 5 hour drive!!). So why did I love going to visit so much? Because I love my sister and I LOVE her friends.

When Emily went to college I prayed for her to find amazing friends. I had been blessed with an incredible house of girls to live with and who really became my family for my four years of college and I wanted that for her. I wanted friends that loved her for who she was, who loved the Lord, who encouraged her to grow and held each other accountable. It’s hard to find friends like that and yet God totally gave Emily that gift!! This is how I met Britne!

Brit was one of those friends that I prayed for. She has been such a loyal and intentional friend to Em, even years after graduation!! It’s been so fun hearing about this exciting season in Britne’s life. As soon as Brit introduced Hunter to Emily for the first time, she told me she knew he was a keeper. She called me and said “Aw KK, I just met Hunter and he reminds me of Daddy and Corey!”. If you know how much we love our dad and brother… this was QUITE the compliment! He’s kind, genuine, welcoming, intentional and loyal…. all the things I prayed for for Emily to find in friends in college. What an amazing thing it is to see Emily AND her friends finding men that are now filling those roles in their lives!!!

Enjoy this gorgeous engagement session and CHECK OUT BRIT’S EYES! This girl is BLESSED in the eye department! WOW!!! Get excited to see these two on the blog AGAIN this fall!! AH!

I’d say we started off well!! :):) These colors were AMAZING with this alley!

Gosh I love everything about these!!! Color, bling, scarf, eyes, etc!!

Ohhh Brit! Stunning!!!

One of my favorites!!

This little section of trees was a good find!

AHHH!!! Model. Status.

Michael had something to do with this one. :)



xoxo, Katelyn
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