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If Laura had to move the wedding up to this weekend, I’m confident she could pull it off. She has basically planned her whole wedding and it’s going to be here until May! I envy her organization. I always said I was going to have one of those huge Martha Stewart wedding planning books to keep all of my planning straight… but uh, that didn’t happen. Instead, I have a box that is full of random receipts, ribbons, invoices…. it’s a mess. But hey! I only have a few weeks left and then the planning is done. Why organize now, right?! It’s slowly coming together and we are not as unorganized as I make us out to be. Things are falling into place…

.we just have so much left to do! If I could be a bride like Laura, I feel like a lot of my little details would be done by now! She’s  a planner and I just know her day is going to be perfect and exactly what she has planned!


I met Craig and Laura in colonial Williamsburg for their engagement session and we had a blast! … Even in the 100 degree weather! You can’t go wrong in colonial Williamsburg! It’s beautiful and old and the light that evening was perfect.  I loved my time with them. Engagement sessions are my time to get to know the couple and hear their story.  I love it! Craig and Laura, thanks for bearing with me as I made you walk, sit, stand, even LAY DOWN in the heat! You’re awesome! Enjoy your images!

This was seriously the 10th or 11th shot I took… and she’s got “the look” down!

Loved these!

Look at you two! Hair blowing and everything!

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