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stop talking about how good he looked.  Every time I would pose Chase first, Sharon would be standing behind me making subtle comments to herself about how handsome her future husband was. She’s a trip! I love Sharon to pieces! She’s one of those people that just makes you happy when you’re around them.  The joy and laughter that comes out of that girl is amazing and it’s no secret why Chase adores her.  Sharon isn’t the shyest person in the world and so whenever she would let out a squeal or start bursting with laughter while she was supposed to be doing her “model” face… Chase would just smile and laugh. He gets her.

Chase and Sharon will be getting married next June and I can’t begin to explain how excited I am to be a part of their big day! It’s going to be a beautiful, laid back, country style wedding and I love those! It’s going to be amazing, I just wish it wasn’t so far away!!! The wedding ceremony will be held right down the street from this first location where we shot. I’m praying for light like this at the wedding!  I LOVED it!! The light, the location, the couple… everything was perfect for this session! Enjoy some of my favorites and if you want to see more of this beautiful couple, we sure to become a fan on FACEBOOK so that you don’t miss their wedding!!!

Sharon you are beyond gorgeous!!! Sharon is a fellow photog in Smithfield, VA! Check out her blog!

Ooooh how I love the light!


Shooting with direct sun isn’t really my style…but sometimes it works for me!

Sharon, don’t hate me for posting this one… I LOVE it!

I’m so weird! I think this random umbrella shot is one of my favorites! I’m strange, I know. I just liked the way they are placed so randomly…. it works somehow!

Money shot!  Oh my GOSH they’re beautiful!

Corey is the BEST brother in the world! But he just can’t get excited about photography, it’s so not his thing.. BUT…when I came home and showed him this shot, for once in his life, he seemed realllly interested in a session! … wonder why:)

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