Shootout | February 2012

  • Richmond SHARE Group

……. what that means is that I belong to one of the most amazing, cutting edge website companies on the planet. But don’t think that’s all their is to it. Showit not only allows me to have a custom, totally unique site, they are also constantly providing me with new ways to promote and market my business. I have NEVER seen such a thriving, dedicated group of dreamers who’s main goal is to help others succeed. That’s the heart of Showit. Those that started showit and invest their lives into this company really CARE about the photographers they are reaching that it’s so powerful.

So put aside the fact that their PRODUCT is amazing…. they are amazing PEOPLE… and who doesn’t want to work with amazing people that genuinely CARE about you?!  The crazy thing is, Showit didn’t stop there. They didn’t create incredible website development software and then just stop…. they kept going. They have a vision of helping to connect photographers from all over the country. I was contacted several months ago and asked to kinda head up a Richmond SHARE group. What is a SHARE group you might ask? Well, it’s a group of photographers that ALL use Showit and who desire to be a part of an amazing photography community! Last month was our FIRST Global SHARE Meetup and all of the SHARE groups across the nation skyped in and were a part of a LIVE chat with none other but the amazing Jasmine Star! woopwooooop! It was fabulous. You should have seen 16 people trying to squeeze into our tiny living room!!:)


This month, our get together was “Shootout Style”! We hung out last night and shot each other’s headshots and had an amazing dinner together in downtown Richmond. This is such a fun group. So often, photographers can be so judgmental and self-righteous when they get around OTHER photographers…. almost like they have to prove themselves for some reason. It’s sad. I’m so thankful that these women (and men… we love you James!) are all about just meeting new friends and not trying to be better than each other.  It’s so refreshing!!!! We had an amazing time yesterday in the 70 degree weather! Here are some of my favs!!


Thanks Chrissy, Laura, Ashley & Jen, James & Stephanie,  and Tori for coming out! To the other SHARE group members, we’ll see ya next month!!

My beautiful Headshot partner!

Gimme that hair!!!

Tori, my friend, you are GORGEOUS!

Ha! These two are hilarious!


Work it Ash!

Oh just STOP Chrissy! Omgoodness.

Ah!! Beautiful!!!


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