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hard to believe that I’m already posting September’s coaching sessions. I mean, how did that happen?! How are we almost done with the first week of October!? I LOVE FALL…. it’s my favorite time of the year! …. But it’s also our busiest season of the year here in Virginia. Brides just love to have fall weddings and I completely understand because we had a fall wedding!! :) However, I do wake up some mornings and wish that things would slow down a bit so that we could enjoy the season a little bit more.

I know our busy season is going to end mid-November and I’m going to think “Where did FALL go?!”. So I’m trying to take it in as much as possible!

So today you’re meeting Casey and Erin and then Ashley and Chad and Amanda! Chad and Amanda are married and traveled together for her coaching session. These 5 new friends were definitely a highlight of our month!! Here are some favorites from their headshots!!

Meet Erin!! She’s just beautiful and she just celebrated a birthday! Her coaching session was her gift to herself so I’m very tempted to call these “Birthday Portraits”! :) She’s somewhat new to the industry but she’s booking weddings left and right and I’m so excited for her!!!

Meet Casey!! Casey is a mom of two and I feel bad that I used time to ask her so many questions about their adoption process with their little girl! I just think that is so interesting and I love hearing stories like that!! She’s running a successful portrait business and is getting ready to venture into the world of weddings!! yay! 

Meet Ashley! She’s a local! She attended a workshop of mine in the past and so she already knew a lot of the in’s and out’s of my business BUT that didn’t keep us from filling up her office chat time! She left with so many goals and changes. This girl is doing it all! She, along with along coaching gal, head up a large stylized shoot for new photographers a couple of times a year! So excited to see all of that grow!!

Meet Amanda and Chad! Fun fact, they live 7 hours away but STILL live in VA! How is that possible? Richmond is centrally located! …..Well, they are from the south western tip of VA and they have accents to prove it! Amanda runs the business and Chad has a full time job but helps her out all the time! I loved being able to talk to them about working together and what we’ve learned that last few months!!


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