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just born EXCITED! They can make what others would consider just an average day into an INCREDIBLE day just because of the energy that they exude! Kaitlin is one of those people.  Since BEFORE she even signed up for her coaching session, she was telling me how excited she was! No pressure right?! Ah! I told Michael, “Gosh I hope she has a good time…. she’s so excited!”.  And I’m not talking just smiles and giggles…. she decorated her CAR before making the super long drive done from Cape May. I was so thankful for her teachable attitude and desire to learn. We accomplished so much in our little amount of time!

My other photographer for the day was sick and so we’re going to reschedule.  Tis the season for colds! I love fall but I wish my body could adjust to drastic temperature changes better!!


So we started the day with lunch, headed out for her headshots and then met back at my house for some brainstorming and Q&A. Despite a few interruptions from Bokeh, we were able to work hard for several hours and I was excited for Kaitlin to leave a little overwhelmed with all the new ideas she had! It was an awesome day and i’m so honored that she drove SO far for her session!! Enjoy some of my favorites and if you’re interested in a coaching session, I will be announcing more dates in December!


Practicing in bright light! Kaitlin you’re so cute! 


FAVORITE!!! SUCH a FAVORITE!!! Love this! 

And then we shot on top of the parking garage in the BRIGHT sun… because we could:)

yay!!!  xoxo

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