• Meet Savannah

feel like my senior posts all sounds the same to some degree…. “I can’t believe she’s a SENIOR!!!… I feel OLD!”. It’s true….. Savannah was so so young when we first met her and now she’s graduating and heading off to CNU!!! YAY!! We are so proud and we’re not even her parents! She’s such a great fit for our alma mater and we couldn’t be happier for her! Actually, we may be a BIT jealous!! That school is just insane. It’s gorgeous and the campus is stunning. The leadership is top notch and we absolutely LOVE CNU!!!

So Savannah texted me about portraits and subtly asked if Stumph could join in for a few.  So let me explain, “Stumph” is really “Matthew”and Matthew is her boyfriend/fellow youth group peer. So, because I love her and him…. I said yes. :) Michael and Bokeh followed us around this local park and we had a blast!! I always love these shoots and we will cherish this little bit of time that we had with these two before their graduate and head to college!! So enjoy some of my favs and Savannah… I love you girl! You’re going to do amazing things and I can’t wait to see God’s plan for you unfold!! 

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