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  • Seattle Coaching Huddle

over a week ago, we were in rainy Seattle. It was Tuesday morning and we were prepping our hotel suite for the arrival of four amazing gals! This was our first coaching huddle and to be honest, I wasn’t nervous because I knew that this was going to be a GREAT day. 4 girls, 8 hours of chatting and information sharing…. catered Cheesecake factory?! What could possibly go wrong?! I was right, it was an amazing huddle. 8 hours flew by but so much was covered during our time together! What I loved most about the huddle was that the pressure wasn’t on one person to carry the conversation.

Everyone had the chance to share their questions. Everyone had the chance to go through their online presence and receive critique and everyone talked through their pricing structure. To everyday people, this may not be their idea of a fun day but I LOVE being able to host events like this. It was so encouraging to look online that night and see the girls changing pricing guides, blogging about personal things for the first time EVER, dreaming of mentoring and helping others and making big changes in their business organization to give them their life back!!!! If I could travel around and host these coaching huddles constantly, I would. I loved this time with Tonie, Torie, Kami and Carolina!!

If you’re interested in being a part of a Coaching Huddle, you have two more chances!…. (Especially if you’re on the west coast)! Click links below to signup for the Las Vegas or LA coaching huddle coming this February!

LOS ANGELES FEBRUARY 21st 9:00am-5:00pm – $500

LAS VEGAS FEBRUARY 28th 9:00am-5:00pm – $500


Of course Michael took a shot of us EATING!!! haha

Love THIS! They’re such go getters and do’ers! I’m so excited for all that 2014 has for them and their businesses!! WOOHOO for Blog Calenders!

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