• Matt + Brittany

start looking forward to this wedding?! …. After I received my first email from Brittany! I loved this girl. She was engaged for well over a year and so it seemed like FOREVER until her wedding! We emailed about details, she sent me a picture of the dress and I knew from the very beginning that I was going to absolutely LOVE working with her. She’s my ideal client. She was SO excited to get married, she loved DETAILS and she cares so much about her pictures! When I showed up to the fabulous Jefferson Hotel where the girls were getting ready I immediately loved her bridesmaids! I felt like one of them.  All I needed was a black dress and I would have fit right in.  They’re the sweetest!

They were all so welcoming and SO excited for Matt and Brittany!  Matt and Brit dated for years and years and I know first hand that when you date someone for so long, becoming their spouse is SO exciting. I had called Michael my Boyfriend for nearly a decade and now I can introduce him as my HUSBAND! It’s wonderful. Matt and Brittany had a beautiful ceremony and afterwards I heard Brittany call for her “Husband” on more than one occasion… you just like saying it! “Husssssband”. After the ceremony we headed to the Science Museum of Virginia for their reception and let me just say… it was absolutely spectacular. The whole building glowed in pinks and blues and purples. The rotating globe outside of the museum had their monogram display and it was perfect. Everything was perfect. Brittany girlfriend, you did well! You planned such an amazing celebration and it was such an honor to be a part of it! What a fabulous wedding to start off the new year with!!! Matt and Brittany, enjoy the snow in NYC and enjoy your images!!!!


Brittany’s dress was absolutely amazing! The color of it is called “Oyster” and it was perfect for a winter wedding!

Loved this shot on the right so much that I showed it to her as she was getting her dress on! I couldn’t help it! I get so excited!!


I always post too many ring shots… I can’t choose!!

Oh First Looks, how I love you!


Get it girl!

My husband shot this next one and I’m SO proud of him… one of my favorites!

Remember… it’s 19 DEGREES outside! Matt and Brit are my heroes.

Brit has the best smile AND the best serious face…. how do I get so lucky?!!

This may be a new Bridal party favorite for me! You should have seen me taken this… I was laying in the road, freezing and yelling instructions… so embarrassing.

Sweetest girls ever!! Love them!

One beautiful couple! 

So we were just about out of sunlight when we arrived at the church but Brit is amazing and said she didn’t mind going outdoors again! So we shot some beautiful bridal portraits while we shivered in the cold!

Love it.

Brittany is crafty and I love it!

Just had to show you this little guy! Oh my goodness!


How awesome is THAT?!

She’s a detail queen! That’s why we’re friends:)

Candy bar! Woohoo!


Reception Location: The Science Museum of Virginia

Catering: Mosaic

Bride’s Fur : Etsy : Candace Designs

DJ : Alan Boyle

Brittany’s Gown: Maggie Sottero

Bridesmaids Gowns: Bridal Elegance

Cake: Cakes by Graham

Lighting: On Stage Gear LLC

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