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close to three years ago when I hosted my first large scale workshop here in Richmond. I was newly married and I finally had a chance to pour my time and energy into teaching and I was really excited about it! We launched registration for the “Sugar Shoot” and I was so pumped to meet the 20 photographers who would be attending! I was SHOCKED when I saw that a young, aspiring photographer would be traveling all the way from FLORIDA! What?!! That’s so crazy!! I couldn’t wait to meet her. That young photographer was Becca! She was so brave to travel up north to spend a day with photographers she didn’t know!

Well, fast forward three years later and I get an email that goes something like this: “Hi Katelyn, It’s Becca from the Sugar Shoot and I’m getting MARRIED!!!” AH!! I was so excited to hear from her and Michael and I couldn’t be more excited to shoot Drew and Becca’s wedding in Florida next year! It really worked out perfectly. They booked and they we realized we would be so close to one another during our vacation last week!! We traveled an hour north on Friday to Sarasota and saw family.  Then I spent the evening with these two! A torrential downpour happened about 30 minutes before our shoot and it continued to linger around. It had me a bit worried but Drew and Becca were so sweet and excited to have their portraits done that we could have made it work no matter what! We started shooting down by the water and slowly but surely, the skies started to clear. By the time we made it over to the beach, we had it to ourselves and the sky was full of the most BEAUTIFUL pastel colors I have ever seen! The water was a light teal and the sky was a mixture of baby blues, lavender and a hint of coral. It couldn’t have been more perfect! I absolutely loved my time with these two and I can’t wait to see them again! I’m bummed I have to wait almost a full YEAR!!

So enjoy this Sarasota engagement shoot and get excited to see their Florida wedding on the blog next year!! YAY!

Love their smiles! 

One of my favorites! 

Such a beautiful ring! 

Love their “beachy” look! And because it had just stormed, it wasn’t miserably hot! It was a dream! 


Another favorite!!!

These next two sets are so similar but I just loved them all so I posted them all!!:)

Love these pastel colors!!!

Those colors!!!

And that’s how that day ended… WOW! 

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