• Rosemary's 60th Birthday

Many people look down upon smaller schools and universities. My sister is a freshman at Tech and is 100% Hokie.  She swears Tech is by far the most amazing school in Virginia… probably the nation! She loves it and has good reason to! It’s awesome to be a part of such a well known institution, especially when it comes to sports.  While CNU’s sports don’t regularly make ESPN, there is something far greater about this place.  There is a sense of community and connectivity that you just can’t find in a school the size of Tech and that’s why I love it!


President Trible and Rosemary have been a part of my life since I first entered CNU 3 years ago as a wide-eyed freshman.  I was in a bible study of Rosemary’s and I began forming an awesome relationship with her from the very beginning.  Really? How many people have amazing friendships with the President’s wife of their university?!  I’m so blessed to have gotten to know Rosemary and really see her heart these last 3 years. She absolutely LOVES people and the Lord and it shows through the way she loves people so dearly.


When President Trible’s secretary called me to cover Rosemary’s 60th birthday I was so thrilled! What an honor! I spent the whole evening with their friends and family.  There were friends from Paul’s days serving in the senate, Rosemary’s childhood girlfriends and so many more.  I loved hearing numerous people toast to Rosemary and explain just how much she has changed their lives.  Rosemary is an incredible woman and I’m so blessed to be a part of her life.  She has taught me so much about Joy and what it means to live in the Joy of the Lord!


Enjoy some of my favorites!

Also, this was the FIRST event in the new house! IT IS STUNNING!

Rosemary showing her daughter, Mary-Kathryn around the new house!

A few detail shots!

The night finished with an incredible sunset!

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