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emailed me months and months ago about scheduling an anniversary shoot while we were both together at the Connect Retreat. After some thought, she decided to save the money since they are in the midst of adopting which made perfect sense. However, a few days before we left for Georgia, we received an email from Casey. Let me tell you, he wins the “Husband of the Year” award for this one folks!! Casey had been saving and secretly emailed us about going forward with the shoot! He was smart and surprised Kristin before they left so that she could plan an outfit and she was thrilled!! And so were we!!

I’ve always loved these two. I remember first meeting Kristin at Pursuit and saying “I love your branding!!” …. such a “photographer” thing to say!! I quickly realized that not only did I love this girl’s brand, I loved her. Her sweet spirit is so peaceful and her accent makes her extra lovable!!! And then there’s Casey. He’s exactly like her… sweet, kind, soft spoken and have such a tender personality!! I couldn’t have loved our time together any more. It was a sunrise shoot and yet somehow I was on a ROLL and felt totally energized and creative!! It could have something to do with spring blooms, beautiful sunlight and 70 degree weather!! Enjoy!! 

Oh you two are beautiful!!

This Light!!

Two of my favorites!

Kristin you are stunning!!

And then the MAGIC happened!!!

AHHHH! Obsessed!!

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