• A Self-Reminder

Right now… we’re crazy. Life is a bit crazy. Our schedule is a bit crazy. We chose this when we said yes to a lot of things and didn’t say no to many. We don’t pride ourselves on “busy-ness” and I’m actually trying to get away from saying “Oh we’re just busy” when people ask how we are because that’s not really the correct answer. When people ask “How are you guys doing?! , the answer should be “We’re doing well, we’re blessed and we’re thankful for all that we have been able to accomplish recently…. we’re also a wee bit tired”. :) Life is crazy… good crazy.

Michael and I leave soon for Alaska… a place that I’ve dreamed of seeing in real life for a long time. We have some work to do out there and we also have some amazing, life-long friends living out there right now that we’re so excited to visit! Sometimes I forget just how amazing it is that not only do Michael and I get to work together…. but we also have the freedom to chase dreams together, take risks together and build our life… TOGETHER. I’ll be honest, the more life I live, the more I realize that things change. There is very little that stays the same for any extended period of time and so I know that this season of our life may pass us by very quickly. We love where we are and even though it’s a little insane at moments, we love our pace of life. We are taking advantage of the fact that we have FREEDOM, energy and a desire to see the world! So today’s post is really just a self-reminder to take this all in… to enjoy our busy season because that means we have WORK and that’s something to be thankful for…. a reminder to dream up ideas that seem too bold… a reminder to life freely and travel often while we can…. and last but not least… a reminder to choose JOY over STRESS because life is GOOD.  God is good. And you only live once.

…… this post probably would have been more powerful if I left the “YOLO” out at the end  but it’s true. Choose today to be joyful, to find purpose and happiness in your stress and to take advantage of all that has been laid out in front of you… and if nothing is knocking at your door… start making your way down the streets because it’s your time to make it happen!!

Happy monday everyone!! Do yourself a favor and choose JOY and productivity today!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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