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the car, pulled out of our driveway and headed toward the city. I glanced in my rearview mirror and that’s when I spotted them.  You couldn’t miss them. There were huge, black clouds encroaching the city of Richmond and panic set in. I was thinking “Where in the world did this storm come from and WHERE are we going to shoot this bridal session?!”.  Lauren’s hair was up, her makeup was done, her dress was on and she was getting married in two weeks. This session HAD to happen. So I frantically called some venues in Richmond and begged for permission to shoot indoors last minute if the heavens let loose and after

securing a few backups, I calmed down. I reached Libby Park and drained half of my iphone battery as I constantly refreshed the radar map.  Lauren, her mom and my Aunt Charlotte (Well, Michael’s Aunt, now my aunt, she’s best friends with Lauren’s mom, glad we clarified that) arrived and we got to work. The wind was howling and little branches were falling from the trees. It wasn’t the SAFEST bridal session I have ever shot but we made it work and the LIGHT right before a storm is always awesome! Besides almost losing her veil after it took flight in the wind over Main Street, this session was a breeze (haha, a breeze, get it?). I haven’t had much sleep so just humor me. Lauren’s bridal session was one to remember. I made my sweet husband drive all the way out there to meet me with flashes just in case. He ended up staying and he was the one that sprinted after the veil that went airborne!! He’s wonderful. And Lauren is wonderful too! I can’t WAIT to show you their wedding this Thursday. She’s a sweetheart and I feel honored that I was able to work with her! Enjoy these favorites!!!

Love her dress!!

How about those clouds!

Love it!

Lauren you’re beautiful!


xoxo, Katelyn
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