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occasion that a little one hits the blog. Most of my time is spent with newly engaged couples and brides! So when a little one comes along, it’s definitely a different experience from what I’m used to. However, Beckett was quite the little model and he was such a trooper! It was 42 DEGREES!!!! This poor little guy was freezing but he still managed to give us a few smiles and even a few frowns….cute frowns….”blog worthy” frowns. I loved it. Since I’m not normally a children’s photographer, I felt like I looked rather ridiculous during Beckett’s session … tripping over roots, waving at make believe people, playing “caboose” on the make believe railroad track.

By the end of the afternoon, Beckett was trying to make me join in the family picture:). I felt like I left with a new little friend and man is he a cutie!!!! It was a fun and freezing time in Maymont park but I think with a little bit of teamwork and M&M’s….we got the job done! Enjoy some of my favorites!

How cute is he!? … and those super-mini boots:)

I promise I didn’t tell him to eat a leaf…. cross my heart.

Trying to get those gloves on is a real task!

Beckett is so expressive! I love it! I wish these pictures had sounds so you could hear his commentary!

I know this is very out of focus but I still love it for some reason.


Ohhhh Beckett I see that pile of leaves you’re about to throw at me! You can’t sneak up on me!

Like I said… very expressive:)

“Yea, I’m cool, I know it”

“Heyyyyy, stop that!”

I told him these were “pine cones”…. they are from Magnolia trees… definitely not pine cones, I’m a bad influence!

The End!

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