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so many photogenic nooks and crannies! I’ve shot at the Tredegar so many times but every time is still so different!! I’m LOVING the light TJ, Sara and I found during their shoot last week! Beautiful!! It was an amazing 80 degrees and we couldn’t have asked for a better atmosphere for shooting. Besides a few dogs running around and a loud train that passed through, we had the area to ourselves! In between their portraits we chatted about their story and their wedding plans. I told Sara it seems like everyone knows her! … or maybe Richmond really is a small town at heart. :) Before I even met her I had numerous

people say to me “Oh I’m so glad you’re working with Sara!”. That’s always a good sign. When other people are already anticipating one of my bride’s pictures, that means she must be pretty awesome…. and she is. TJ and Sara were amazing to work with. They followed my crazy instructions, Sara climbed in rocks in wedges and because of that, they have some AWESOME portraits… if I do say so myself. I just love the colors in these!! I hope you enjoy this post and I wish I didn’t have to wait so long to see these two again!! Their wedding is next year and I’m so looking forward to being a part of it!

YESSS!! One of the first few that we took! They’re naturals! :)

Gosh I love these!!

So cute…

If I had a big tree in every single engagement shoot, I would never complain about it!


Good job on the ring TJ!! Beautiful! (and photogenic!)

This light?! AH! Perfect timing!

Sara you’re just gorgeous… can’t wait to photograph you on your wedding day!!


You know I love her necklace!!… I have one of my own!


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