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type of personalities that just make you want to laugh… constantly. I met Anne Taylor when I was a sophomore in college.  She was one of the “new freshmen” that basically lived at our house first semester and we fell in love with her. Then before we knew it, we were introduced to Elizabeth! Elizabeth decided to come to CNU as well and I loved watching these two interact. The remind me so much of Emy and I. We’re so different and yet just enough alike to get on each others nerve…just a tad:).  I love these two and so when Anne Taylor emailed me about some family pictures I was like “umm, duh!”… of course I want to hangout with the

Robertsons girls!! Ok, news flash to Katelyn : They have a BROTHER! How did I not know this?! I obviously haven’t FB stalked them enough! (I love writing about friends because I can say whatever I want! … It’s true, I facebook stalk.) I met their brother David last week during their session and he’s just as much fun as his sisters!  We had a great time taking some pictures for momma Robertson but the best part about this session was just getting to see good friends from CNU! Michael and I miss that community down there and it’s always fun to see a familiar face! So AT, enjoy some of my favorites and I hope your momma is super surprised! You’re the best! Come visit!!!!


AT you’re gorgeous!

Ummmm… HELLO! Miss, “I’m not good at serious faces”…. whatever!

Elizabeth you have the BEST smile… ever. I’m serious!

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