• Chris | Head shots

making movies since he was little.  I remember getting together with Michael’s family for Thanksgiving and hearing about Christopher’s next movie and thinking “What?! This kid is making movies?!”.  Chris is Michael’s cousin and is currently attending USC.  He’s super talented not only in film making but he is also an incredible painter as well! When he asked about getting some head shots done I knew this was going to be easy. He’s got “the look”… “the look” that I will never be able to master… the “serious face”.  So in about 30 mins we shoot about 650 images and we probably could have used just about all of them!

He’s quite the model and I just hope he remembers this little VA photographer that he’s now RELATED TO when he’s rich and famous. There is no doubt in my mind that Christopher is going to do awesome things!  So enjoy some of my favorites and have a fabulous Thursday!!! It’s ALMOST Friday and that means it’s almost the weekend!! I have a super fun wedding this weekend, I can’t wait!

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