• Missing the Kiss!

This past Thursday was New Years Eve and we did something a little different this year! Our dear friends Calvin and Brittany got married in Richmond and while we normally don’t take on New Years Eve weddings, we do make exceptions for close friend’s weddings!! Not only did we get to spend New Years Eve with some of our best friends, I photographed the wedding WITH my bestie Jilly!!!!! Jill started shooting with me before Michael joined me and we loved it. That’s really when we got super close to Bud and Jill!

Jill and I have very similar personalities and shooting styles. While her work and her editing is much more romantic, light and airy, our posing and personal interaction with our couples is identical! We recently were saying how much fun it would be to get to shoot together again…and then this opportunity fell into our hands!! Buddy was the best man and Michael was a guest and Jill and I photographed the wedding together!! I deemed myself the second shooter because I NEVER get to be a second shooter! It was fun!!! So, because I was the second shooter and because Jilly shot film, we have to wait until the scans come back before we can blog this wedding. SO! I thought I would just give you a little sneak peek of what shooting a New Years Eve wedding REALLY looks like! This video popped up on Facebook from one of Calvin and Brittany’s guests and it is hilarious!!!!! I look and sound pathetic! But hey, I’m glad I missed my New Years kiss because I love these images of Calvin and Brit!

There’s nothing better than being with friends at a wedding… except maybe being with friends at a wedding and ringing in the new year! We spent the night with some of our best buds and 2016 couldn’t have started on a better note!!!

Real life… I’m a wedding photographer on New Years Eve. Sorry Michael :)


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xoxo, Katelyn
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