Bring It On!

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I’m changing my mind. Earlier this week I blogged and mentioned that I was ok with more snow! I’m sure a ton of people disagreed with me. I enjoyed a slow day on Monday but today, Michael informed me that there is a chance of snow AGAIN next week!! WHAT?! Ok this is where I draw the line! I love winter. I love snow. I love snow days and all that come with them…. but I think I’m ready to say LETS MOVE ON!! Spring is welcome. I’m ready for it. Bring it on!! I’m pulling out my flip flops!! There are a few things I REALLY looking forward to! :


1. I’m ready for my dog to stay outside long enough to do ALL of his business and not get so cold that he comes in too early and then I have to take him out again at 3am. He’s a girly dog, ok?! Poor little guy.

2. I’m ready to open the windows on 70 degree days!!

3. I’m ready to nix the scarves and coats! I HATE keeping up with that extra piece of clothing when I leave the house!!

4. I’m ready to go on evening walks again with my two guys and random drives into the country in the convertible!!

5. Last but not least, I’m ready for flip flops. It takes too long to put on socks and boots. :)

I know I have some spring supporters that agree with me out there!! Here’s to warmer weather, lemonade, sunglasses and more fresh air!!

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