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officially become “those people”…. ya know, the type of people that talk to their dogs like they are humans, the type of people that have more pictures on their iphone of their puppy then of themselves and the type of people that buy outfits…. for their PETS. Yup. We’re guilty. I used to see pictures of dogs in little outfits and think “Oh MY gosh, you probably spent $15 on a sweater vest for your chihuahua!! How ridiculous!!”. Well as we walked through Petsmart… we spotted a little tiny red raincoat…with a hood included. Michael stopped and looked at it, and then looked at me… almost as if he was saying

“Are you going to be THOSE people?”.  We paused…. looked at miniature sized rain gear one more time and then unanimously decided to put it in the cart.  Yes… we are THOSE people and we love it.  When you have a puppy that looks like a stuffed animal… you can’t help but want to play dress up!


Today is a nasty, rainy day in VA so after Michael left for class this morning, Bokeh and I played in the rain.  He actually doesn’t mind his little outfit. He runs around and gets dirty just like he normally does with it on. It keeps his belly from getting soaking wet and you have to admit…. he’s adorable. We love him so much and we”re totally ok with being “those people”.  The last two weeks our lives have revolved around this little fluffball and despite the little messes and having to constantly take bark out of his mouth…. we love him. We love being puppy parents who are completely obsessed with their new member of the family. He won’t stay a puppy forever and so I’m totally using that fact to justify my abundance of puppy tweets and instagrams! Have a fabulous weekend and stay dry!!!

Thats the “Mom I’m tired of all these PICTURES!!” look

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