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Oh I love these days on the blog! The days when I don’t have to do anything but yet it’s such a great blog post! That can only mean one thing… it’s a HOME MADE FOR HOSTING day and EMY is sharing a recipe!!!! She instagrammed about her newest egg creation and people just loved it! So naturally, I thought it needed to be a HMH post! It’s simply, tasty and impressive! :) Enjoy!

From Emily:

Who doesn’t love good breakfast food?! Breakfast is by far my favorite meal of the day and honestly, I could eat it for EVERY single meal. Okay, maybe not every meal but breakfast food for lunch or dinner is always a last minute go-to that I get incredibly excited about! Breakfast food is awesome because chances are, on any given day, you have on hand everything that you need to whip up a tasty breakfast! I love just grabbing some eggs and whatever else I can find, then throwing them together and seeing what I can create. As a result of one of these cooking experiments, I created what I like to call, The Sunny-Side Scramble!

The beautiful thing about The Sunny-Side Scramble is that it can so easily be adapted to use whatever you find tucked away in your fridge or pantry that you think would go well with eggs. Those are the best types of recipes… there’s so much freedom and flexibility! And did I mention, NO MEASURING! yay!


The Sunny-Side Scramble is a fantastic breakfast idea for when guests are in town and you’re hosting because it’s a quick, easy and affordable  “made-to-order” breakfast that takes just an ordinary sunny-side up egg and makes it pretty, exciting, unique and extra fancy!   It’s also great for when you just feel like treating yourself to something delicious! Here’s how you make:

The Sunny-Side Scramble


Eggs (obviously)
Red Onion
Green Pepper
Grape Tomatoes
Mozzarella Cheese
Garlic Salt
Salt & Pepper

To start, grab your favorite medium skillet/frying pan and give it a quick squirt of cooking spray. As your pan begins to heat using medium heat, dice your veggies to your liking! Even here, there are options (you can leave the tomatoes whole or halved, and you can leave your spinach extra leafy too!)

Once your pan is hot, saute your onions, peppers and mushrooms for a minute or two so they begin to soften (they will continue to cook, so a little crunchy here is still good). Then add in your tomatoes and spinach and saute for about 30 seconds. Next, clear an opening in the center of the pan by pushing the ingredients to the sides, forming a circle. Crack your eggs right into the middle and cook to your preferred “runniness”.  When your eggs are close to being done, go ahead and sprinkle them with some of your favorite cheese. And lastly, I like to season the Sunny-Side Scramble with a little garlic salt, pepper & salt and a tad of parsley (because it’s pretty on top!). While your eggs cook, toast a slice or two of bread.

Place the toast on the plate first and then slide your Sunny-Side Scramble creation right on top! I love how the bread absorbs the runniness when you cut into it. Yum! Writing this is making me so hungry. I hope you enjoy making the Sunny-Side Scramble and I’d love to hear what types of adaptations you come up with! In a future post, I may share more of my favorites! Stay tuned!



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xoxo, Katelyn
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