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 that talk a big game… ya know.. they tell others how to run their businesses and they’re considered big shots in the industry….there are A LOT of those in the photography industry… but there are some that talk the talk… AND live it OUT! I’m not hating on anyone… really! I have NO ONE in mind when I’m writing this. I just know that with FAME and POPULARITY…. there can sometimes be a huge disconnect with the people that are looking up to you.  I don’t know that from personal experience because I’m FAR from the “big shot” category…. but I think this happens in every industry.  If you rise SO high that you can’t

stop to care about the FRIENDS in your life…. then what exactly are you accomplishing? I thought about this a lot last week after I received a RANDOM package from Anthropology… I opened it and inside was a little “Pure and Good” candle (that matches my office perfectly!).  I searched and searched but there was no note. No “To” & “From”…. nothing.  Then I saw the invoice. At the very top of the page in tiny type, I saw the address.  Now, I’m not a creeper but I’ve sent a few things to Justin & Mary and I only have like 3 friends in CT!! So as soon as I read the address, I knew who this was from.  Justin and Mary just do stuff like this for no reason….. I can’t wrap my mind around it.  I have NOTHING to offer them… except a friendship and an encouraging blog comment here and there:)….they are the real deal. In the midst of CHAOS and shooting over 40+ weddings a year and speaking at every conference under the sun…. they have time to send me a candle… and not even take credit for it. The candle is so appropriate… it’s TEAL and perfect!!  My friends Justin and Mary have PURE hearts…and I’m so thankful for the example they set for our industry! If you don’t already follow them…. you should probably get on that!!


Speaking of things that are “Pure and Good”….the internet is filled with some nasty stuff… but every now and then I find something hilarious and CLEAN! So enjoy some really STUPID things from the internet that are just PURE and GOOD! Happy Friday!

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