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just a matter of preference. Do you LIKE makeup and are you COMFORTABLE doing it on your own? For me, I knew I probably needed some help. Can you imagine me, being the basket case that I was on my wedding day, trying to apply FALSIES?! YIKES! I would have arrived to my ceremony with one eye superglued shut! I was WAY too busy and nervous to apply my own makeup and fake eye lashes! I’m really thankful that I had some help! However, for some girls, they LOVE applying their own makeup and they would rather take matters into their own hands on wedding days!

But, if you’re anything like me and you could TECHNICALLY do it yourself but you’re pondering the idea of hiring a makeup artist, here are some things to think about! :



1. You want to look more formal than your engagements. Engagements are supposed to be casual and not overly formal but a wedding is a little different!

2. You’ll be wearing white! So adding a bit of blush and lip color will make sure you aren’t washed out by your dress! Makeup artists can add color without making it look “over the top”.  

3. It lasts all day. Professional makeup is made to LAST! The last thing you want is to have eyeliner smudges on the corners of your lids or under your eyes during the reception. Makeup artists (especially airbrush) use makeup that is meant to stay on for hours! :)

4. Professional makeup emphasizes bone structure. When a bride has GREAT wedding makeup, it accents her greatest features! … And that is GREAT for the bride’s photography too! I mean, what bride doesn’t want to accent her greatest features?!

5. You’re going to be nervous…some of you more than others. Even if you don’t FEEL nervous, being responsible for your own wedding day makeup can be an extra stress for some brides. I have had plenty of girls that felt more comfortable doing their own and I totally understand that! However, if you’re a bride that isn’t a makeup pro and you know you’ll need a little assistance, hiring a professional makeup artist is a smart move!


** Something else to consider is having your hair and makeup done for an ENGAGEMENT SESSION!! But that’s for another blog post:) **
And ps. Speaking of Makeup… I just splurged on this… and I’m praying it was worth it! Any of you love it?
xoxo, Katelyn
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