My System for Managing Prime Lenses During a Wedding Day
  • Here’s my prime lens management system for wedding days!

When I share about why I love prime lenses so much, this is the #1 question I hear: “But how on earth do you switch up your lenses on a wedding day?! That seems like so much work!” What seems like so much work to some seems like second nature to me. So I have decided to break down the wedding day and explain which lenses I keep in my bag and for what purpose!!

This system is memorized and Michael automatically knows exactly what lenses need to be exchanged throughout the day…. making it a seamless process, free of stress and panic!

If you’ve ever wondered about how we organize our gear throughout the wedding day, this brand new Youtube video is for you!

xoxo, Katelyn
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  1. Pure Photo N.I reply

    Interesting we mainly use prime lenses as well, at the moment we mainly use 24,35,85,135 plus a 90mm Macro.

  2. debi feinman reply

    you are AMAZING! I love your energy, I love your sincerity and I love the amount of information you so gladly and willingly offer down to those who want to create as incredible photographs as you do! I haven’t signed up for any of your courses yet – mostly due to a lack of funds (COVID19 / unemployment). But I will!

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