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Michael and I are enjoying a nice break from weddings right now. We love waking up on Saturdays and not rushing to a wedding! It’s awesome! We feel like NORMAL people! …. However, I know it won’t be long until I’m ready for some gorgeous weddings to come back into my life! Rest ultimately prepares you for work! Looking forward to our 2015 Wedding season, I have a few things that I know that I need to find. I’m hoping that some of you out there (since a lot of wedding photographers check this blog!) will be able to give us some advice!

I’m going to list out a few things that I know I need for the 2015 Wedding season and if you have ANY suggestions, let me know!!! I love hearing about what works for other people in the industry!!!

For the 2015 Wedding Season I Need:

– A New camera bag! Mine has bit the dust! It needs to hold 4 lenses and one backup camera body. I’d prefer for it to be either camel colored, mint/teal or grey leather! With a long strap! 

– New shooting dresses! These need to be modest, preferably with short sleeves, comfy, navy or black, and pockets are an added bonus! (ps. It would be nice to keep them under $80).

– New shooting shoes! My AGI’s from last year were awesome but they had a HARD life! I need either some bronze/pewter flats or a black pair! I’ve ordered Tieks and so we’ll see if I like them or not!! 

Any suggestions?! I’d love to hear them!! Help us prepare for 2015!!!! KJ Brides we can’t wait for your big days!!!


xoxo, Katelyn
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