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I’m probably sleeping on a slightly deflated air mattress on the floor of a high school somewhere on the Eastern Shore. Yup. I’m on our annual mission trip! You can view last year’s trip HERE! It was a BLAST and I’m excited to be involved again this year. I’m just hoping I’m not in charge of power washing again, that really wasn’t the safest job for me to have last year!! During our stay on the Eastern Shore we’ll be working on 30+ construction projects, leading VBS, serving veterans and trying to survive the heat! It’s going to be amazing!! Serving people is probably one

of the most rewarding things you can ever do in your life. It’s so strange when you think about it. Why do we get JOY from serving people we don’t even KNOW?! Well, in my opinion, I think that happens when we’re doing what we’re called to do and when we’re doing what the Lord is calling us to do, we experience what it feels like to be in the Lord’s will. When we stop thinking about US and our JOBS and SCHOOL and PHOTOGRAPHY and the TO-DO list, we start to see a much larger picture. I wish I saw the large picture more often. I really do.  Because when you see the large picture of life, all of those stupid daily things that steal your joy start to become NOTHING.  They don’t matter in the grand scheme of things. I have a purpose in life to love people in the name if Jesus and if I ever forget that, I’m going to become one miserable human being…. because I’ll never be satisfied with anything that this world has to offer me. 1 John 2:17 says : “And the world is passing away along with its desires, but whoever does the will of God abides forever.” Now if you’re not familiar with scripture, that verse doesn’t mean we’re all immortal! I mean, I love life but I don’t want to live here forever. That verse is talking about heaven and the promise that God has for His people.  The work of God is eternal… and I’m excited to serve people in his name this week. But even though we’re doing this for the Lord, there are still going to be some struggles! So if you’re a person of prayer, here are some things you can pray for!! :


Health! Pray that our team will stay healthy and hydrated. No one wants to see a kid have to leave because of sickness!

Patience…..I’ll need some patience. Enough said:)

Breakthroughs …. I’m praying for breakthroughs for so many people… not just kids, but also the people we’re serving.

Unity.… Pray for unity within our youth group. I want these kids to continue to see what it looks like to be a family of faith. Michael and I had an incredible church family growing up and I think every teenager should experience how awesome it is to be a part of a community like that!

A Voice… I ALWAYS lose my voice on mission trips and I hate it:) I would love to be able to speak on friday!


Thank you!! Happy monday everyone and have a fabulous week!!!

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